How Ethical Fashion Initiative Uses JOOR To Help Emerging Brands Reach a Global Network

JOOR | Großhandelsmanagement-Plattform

I cannot say enough good things about the team at JOOR. There’s so much engagement and the platform is really responsive. Clients are very involved with the product and it’s great to give feedback and work with the JOOR teams

JOOR | Großhandelsmanagement-Plattform
Managing Director
JOOR | Großhandelsmanagement-Plattform

JOOR | Großhandelsmanagement-Plattform
JOOR | Großhandelsmanagement-Plattform

Seitdem wir uns die Plattform von JOOR zu Nutze machen, hat sich unser Großhandelsgeschäft verdoppelt. JOOR stellt ein unschätzbar wertvolles Tool dar, das unsere Beziehungen zu unseren Einzelhandelskunden gestärkt hat und uns unsere täglichen Aufgaben leichter und schneller erledigen lässt.

JOOR | Großhandelsmanagement-Plattform
JOOR | Großhandelsmanagement-Plattform
JOOR | Großhandelsmanagement-Plattform

“There are many reasons for joining JOOR and EFI saw enormous upsides to being on the platform. But the main reasons EFI chose JOOR is that JOOR is the leading player in the luxury fashion industry and could provide the participants of our Designer Accelerator with maximum visibility with JOOR’s global retailer network.” -Merchandising and Sales Advisor

The Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI) was founded in 2009 as a public-private partnership with a UN program. Intended to bridge the gap between international economic development and ethical practices in the fashion industry, EFI supports sustainability initiatives, ethical fashion products, and the development of emerging brands.

The Challenge

Be able to showcase collections to a larger audience, global reach

The Solution

JOOR serves as a facilitator for EFI’s Designer Accelerator emerging brands, connecting them and their collections directly to a world of wholesalers and retailers across the globe. JOOR’s Virtual Showrooms allow EFI to continue showcasing their designers’ work digitally and sell to JOOR’s expansive network of global retailers, 24/7.

The Result


new connections made


in GMV growth

Over 70%

of clients have used JOOR

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